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PāNu means paleonutrition. The "paleo" here signifies "old" and not necessarily paleolithic. The PāNu approach to nutrition is grounded on clinical medicine and basic sciences disciplined by knowledge of evolutionary biology and paleoanthropology. The best evidence from multiple disciplines supports eating a pastoral (animal-based) diet rather than a grain-based agricultural one, while avoiding what I call the neolithic agents of disease - wheat, excess fructose and excess linoleic acid.

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Ev Psych

Here are two blogs I really like so I am going to add them to the blogroll.

Evolutionary Psychiatry is by Emily Deans, MD. Thoughtful, scholarly analysis of psychiatry and psychology through an evolutionary paradigm.

Evolvify is Andrew's blog emphasizing Evolutionary Psychology. He has a background is business and marketing but is quite obviously a polymath. Very witty with great content and apt social criticism.

Check them out.

Note: No link exchange or affiliate relationship whatsoever. I never do that.

Edit: I Just realized Emily was already added. No harm in promoting here again, I suppose.

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