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New Jimmy Moore Interview


The interview is 71 minutes long and was recorded just 2 weeks ago. It was originally scheduled to run on thursday but Jimmy seems to have had a bandwidth catastrophe coincide perfectly with his encore week. As of yesterday it seems they have migrated to new media servers and the problem is fixed now, however. Kudos to Jimmy for getting it fixed so fast. I am sure that was stressful.

There is always some inadvertent comedy when I'm on Jimmy's show, it seems. This year, when first posted, Jimmy had scrounged a shirtless photo of me from my post on Vitamin D intended to illustrate minimal erythemal dose. So here I am talking about sticking more to science on the blog, and the photo makes me look like I am some not very effective bodybuilding guru or D-list (or lower) male model. So I begged Jimmy to substitute a simple headshot. Now, if you look at the "headshot" that resulted it looks like I am the next batman and I've just taken off the mask but am still wearing the black rubber suit. (A shirt seems to have been photoshopped in using the "sharpie" function) If by the time you read this the real headshot is there, this will make no sense to you. (edit: a proper headshot is now there - thanks, Jimmy)

I was in flattering company. The other interviews were:

Robert Lustig

Famous for the fructose video on youtube. I plan to listen to it again and do a post of commentary just on this one

Denise Minger

Denise was kind enough to mention me as a favorite blogger. Thanks Denise! She has provided us with great analysis of China Study data and how, contra the claims of TC Campbell, the strongest indictment is against the neolithic agent of WHEAT.

Chris Masterjohn

The Weston Price Foundation (WAPF) has a lot of overlap with paleo, and Chris is their leading scientific voice in advocating whole foods. He and Denise have jointly deconstructed Campbell's vegan sophistry.

Robb Wolf

Bestselling author of The Paleo Solution, you know Robb from his justly famous podcast. It seems Robb has moderated his maintenance recommendation on fish oil, which brings us closer to together on one of the few minor things we might disagree about. A great interview with the leading luminary of the Paleo movement right now. Don't miss it!

Reader Comments (3)

Haha, love that you take down the "candida" nonsense.

I have read studies on probiotics that show they are promising, with the caveat that they do not actually allow bacteria to colonize the gut. But while you are on a regimen, some of these studies show benefits. http://cmr.asm.org/cgi/content/full/16/4/658?view=long&pmid=14557292

January 9, 2011 | Registered CommenterMelissa McEwen

Hi Kurt

Great to have you back on line. Really enjoying that interview with Mr Moore.

My immunologist girlfriend shares your scepticism about probiotics! She also thinks a major problem that we face is a lack of dirt and think our immune systems nowadays are underexercised so that we become more prone to food sensitivities and autoimmune issues.

Anyway....great stuff as ever.

January 10, 2011 | Registered CommenterChris Highcock

Excellent to hear your interview. You mentioned that seeing hypertension resolve is a significant factor, but going paleo for the last few months has not affected my blood pressure, which is borderline prehypertensive when I wake and prehypertensive or occasionally hypertensive in the evening; I am normal weight and 27 years old and don't take anything for it besides CoQ-10 and garlic and limit salt. Any ideas?

January 13, 2011 | Registered CommenterSamwise

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